Atlanta Hawks in NBA Playoffs…AGAIN


This is good news.  Truly it is.  7 consecutive seasons!  Why am I not jumping for joy?  Could it be because I know they won’t make it out of the 1st round…Again?  I know what you’re thinking: Typical Atlanta sports fan.  Fickle and uninspired.  Well, the numbers do not lie: We ranked 28th in fan attendance this season.  Yikes…that’s pretty sad.  Regardless, I AM a Hawks fan.  I am an Atlanta sports fan (also a fan of the Falcons and the Braves).  BUT…it has been a long and disappointing road.  We are few and proud, but we exist. 

What do you think about the Hawks’ chances against the Pacers in the playoffs?  Are you an Atlanta Hawks fan?  Why or why not?  Let’s discuss….


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